Aranjuez Classic Guld 600,Heavy Gauge, set

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Pris:125 kr
Finns i lager:Okänt
Kategori:Gitarrsträngar Nylon, set  (Sök i kategori)
Butik:Gitarren  (Visa butik)
Artikelnummer:AR600  (Sök artikelnummer)


Aranjuez Classic Gold 600, set Heavy gauge Gitarrsträngar nylon, Strängar till nylonsträngad akustisk gitarr. “The Aranjuez “Classic Gold” produces this fat, warm and rich tone demanded by most concert guitarists. It is a durable and robust string with a superior sound projection.” The A600 is especially suited for guitars whose construction tends to produce a discrete tone, i.e. instruments made of plywood. This string can dramatically boost the volume of such instruments. These “Calibrada” strings have been manufactured to microscopic precision for a perfect intonation. Diskanter: - nylon