Cigano Series GJ-15 Gypsy Jazz Gitarr Natural

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Pris:4,495 kr
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Butik:Gitarren  (Visa butik)
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Cigano Series GJ-15 Gypsy Jazzgitarr NaturalSolitt lock av sitka gran, sidor & botten av asiatisk rosewood.From the complicated playing techniques, to the limited availability of truly affordable instruments necessary to capture that proper Gypsy tone, the obstacles to learning how to play Gypsy Jazz music can easily discourage the seasoned guitarist, let alone a beginner. To make it even easier to begin this exciting musical journey, Saga® Musical Instruments and Gitane® guitars introduce the new GJ-15 Cigano™ Student Gypsy Jazz guitar!Its short-scale, D-hole design gives it that characteristic deep bass response and incredible volume making it the perfect rhythm instrument. Value, tone, playability and workmanship will meet or exceed any players expectations.