La Bella 2001 Extra Hard Tension

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Pris:125 kr
Finns i lager:Okänt
Kategori:Gitarrsträngar Nylon, set  (Sök i kategori)
Butik:Gitarren  (Visa butik)
Artikelnummer:LB01EHT  (Sök artikelnummer)


La Bella 2001 Extra Hard TensionGitarrsträngar nylon, Strängar till nylonsträngad akustisk gitarr.An innovation, 2001 Extra Hard Tension strings are the first set designed with these heavier gauges. Perfectly balanced on all six strings, this set works well on shorter scale instruments. The silver-plated basses retain a lustrous timbre for a long playing time and do not have a thuddy or dull sonority. Both the nylon trebles and wound basses produce a greater volume from most instruments. These newly designed strings are the first choice of many professional guitarists.